Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly

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Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly Empty Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly

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The XA-38 was twin-engine heavy fighter designed by Beechcraft to replace the Douglas A-20 Havoc. The airplane had to exceed the performance of the A-20, and be a formidable ground attack aircraft capable of eliminating the dug-in Japanese foes in the Pacific Theatre.
The XA-38 first flew on May 7th, 1944. The design centered around the large 75mm cannon armament mounted in the nose. It was to carry two crew members: a pilot and an observer/gunner. The aircraft proved satisfactory in all respects and better than expected in some, including top speed.
Unfortunately, wartime priorities shifted in 1944, and the program was canceled. One prototype was scrapped and the other, intended for the USAF museum, had an unknown fate.

Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly A-38_Grizzly
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