B-25 Mitchell

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B-25 Mitchell

Post  The 16th Pilot on Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:22 pm

The North American B-25 Mitchell was a twin-engined medium bomber. It was used by many Allied air forces, in every theater of World War II, as well as many other air forces after the war ended, and saw service across four decades. It was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, and by the end of it's production nearly 10,000 B-25s in numerous models had been built.


The 16th Pilot
The 16th Pilot

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Re: B-25 Mitchell

Post  F4U Corsair on Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:42 pm

Oh, I love that plane Jess, one of my very favourites.

F4U Corsair
F4U Corsair

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